News | May 5, 2012

Full Featured 134.2 kHz Stationary RFID Reader


GAO RFID Inc., is offering its high performance 134.2 kHz stationary RFID reader which is designed with several advanced functions and is tailored specially for continuous operation in harsh environments found in feeding stations, animal scales or sorting gates.

This low frequency, fixed reader, model 212002, is ISO 118784/5 compliant and thus able to read all FDX-B and HDX RFID tags and optional H4002 tags. Equipped with antenna 312001, it offers a good read range of up to 80 cm with Ø30 mm HDX transponder or up to 60 cm with Ø30 mm FDX–B transponder. The reader is packed with patented auto-tuning and diagnosis modules which ensure simple first installation, best read range and high stability even under changing environments and enable on-site diagnosis for noise problems.

The fixed RFID reader has a durable case with an IP54 protection rating, and its integrated LEDs and function key provide for ease of operation. This reader can be easily connected to a computer via RS232 or RS485 interfaces. It also supplies a clock synchronization enabling applications where several readers or antennae are used in close proximity.

The 134.2 kHz stationary RFID reader belongs to GAO’s family of RFID Reader-134kHz. This line also includes 134.2 kHz DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Reader which is equipped with a digital signal processor to significantly reduce interference from noise and is specially designed for continuous operation in harsh and noisy environments such as slaughterhouses, scales or sorting gates; 134 kHz RFID LF Bluetooth Reader which is widely used in the industries of security, patrol, mining, finance and railway systems and so on; and Rugged Handheld Terminal RFID Reader which is highly durable and rugged and can withstand drops from five feet to polished concrete or shock and vibration consistent with a truck or forklift mount.

About GAO RFID Inc.
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