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09.06.13 -- Generate Recurring Revenue With Labels, Tags

Business Solutions
Generate Recurring Revenue With Labels, Tags
By Brian Albright, Business Solutions magazine
When it comes to printer deployments, hardware sales occur every few years, but labels, tags, and other consumables can generate recurring revenue on a monthly basis. Not only will consumables keep cash flowing, the ongoing contact with the client can help ensure that they will maintain that relationship when it’s time to refresh the hardware.
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3 Ways To Increase Revenue From Consumables
Dealers understand that the initial hardware purchase is the beginning of a long-term customer relationship and the start of a recurring revenue stream. The post-hardware purchase of consumables provides the real profit and margins for dealers and can generate recurring revenue on a regular basis. Full article.

Teamwork, Persistence Pay Off In Deal To Install Inventory-Management Solution
It was the deal that almost got away. A department store chain in the New York metro area had decided to buy inventory-tracking handheld computers from a competitor of systems integrator tekservePOS. But through teamwork with data-capture solutions vendor CipherLab and multiple meetings with the customer, tekservePOS persuaded the retailer to change course. Learn more.

City College Of San Francisco Prints Student IDs In One-Sixth The Time
As one of the largest community colleges in the country, City College provides a quality, affordable education option for the Bay Area. To better compete with other area colleges and universities, the college has initiated a number of upgrades to its internal IT infrastructure. In the admissions office, that meant improving the process of issuing student identification cards. Learn more.

The NEW CognitiveTPG Spill Guard
CognitiveTPG is pleased to introduce a new accessory designed to provide their A798 and A799 receipt printers with an added level of protection from environmental hazards. The easy to install spill guard retails for $20 and offers supplementary defense against daily spills and splashes that are particularly inherent to the hospitality food service industry. Watch video.

Sears Improved Bar Code Scan Rate By 48 Percent
Sears needed an integrated total solution to meet its retail distribution bar code labeling needs. To keep distribution lines flowing, it was mission-critical that Sears implement a solution ensuring 100-percent bar code accuracy. Learn more.

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9600 Series Windows Mobile Computer 9600 Series Windows Mobile Computer
Designed for demanding mobile applications, the 9600 series delivers the optimal combination of fast data capture, easy information access, usability, and powerful processing in a single, lightweight mobile computer. Read more.
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