News | January 23, 2013

GFI MAX Reaches 7,000 Customers Across 125 Countries!

The news you’re about to read is not a mistake.  GFI MAX can officially say that we’re now at 7,000 customers - with no slow-down in sight! 

It’s been an incredible year of worldwide growth for GFI MAX, not only in customer numbers but in number of features.  Little over 12 months ago we were thrilled about reaching the 5,000 customer mark. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and sheer determination to get there, but seeing as that’s what we’re about, the GFI MAX team just kept on going, not stopping to rest on our laurels. The result?  Several great new features and a 40% increase in our customer base.  That’s right.  FORTY percent - and with confident indicators of continuing growth.

Alistair Forbes, General Manager:

"Reaching a total of 7,000 customers is a big milestone for us – we aim to provide a suite of tools that allow our customers to build their businesses and operate them profitably and it is encouraging to see more and more MSPs adopting them to help them achieve those objectives."

Product-wise, agility, integration abilities and swift development have all been key factors that have helped to fuel this amazing period of growth.  Recent product developments -  like the ability to monitor OSX workstations and Linux servers, the new CART feature on our Managed Antivirus product, the very successful Managed Online Backup feature and the new System Tray Application and Product Roadmap – launched throughout 2012 mean we’re keeping on top of customer needs, and there’s much more to come in 2013. 

Continuing, Alistair said, "This milestone represents a 40% increase in the last 13 months and I believe it reflects both the improvements we have made to our products and the additional support that we provide to our customers. We believe that 2013 will see a continuation of the trend towards agility being a key success factor for MSPs and our whole approach is geared towards enabling and supporting that ability to respond rapidly to changing market conditions and customer demands"

But it doesn’t end there.  MAX is more than just software – we believe that our ‘holistic’ approach has helped us, and our customers, get to this point.  From the moment our customers decide that MAX is for them, they’ve got access to a huge range of support.  From local technical support, to our Building Blocks to Managed Services Program as well as a rolling series of live events and many on-demand webinars, everything is designed to help our audience do better business.  We think we’re doing it right - 7,000 customers across 125 countries can’t be wrong!