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Greystone Perfects Customers' IT Experiences Using Continuum

Source: Continuum Managed Services, LLC
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When it comes to Greystone Technology Group’s relationship with Continuum, CEO Jesse Armstrong gets straight to the point – Continuum keeps his company from learning the hard way.

In particular, the Denver-based managed services provider (MSP) appreciates the efficiency gains realized through Continuum’s IntelliMonitoring service, which employs advanced troubleshooting logic to dramatically reduce resolution cycles – and ensures the best customer service experience possible.

It’s a trial-and-error process, particularly when dealing with new systems, that is very time-consuming. “Some of the more complex things that need to be monitored, you often don’t even recognize as a potential problem until they fail. The IntelliMonitoring service automatically determines what to monitor,” Jesse comments.

And while IT downtime is rarely tolerated well by anyone, it’s even less so by Greystone’s client base, which is dominated by heavily regulated organizations like financial, healthcare, and professional services as well as local governments.

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