News Feature | November 27, 2013

Harbortouch Launching New Functionality in 2014


CEO Jared Isaacman gives insight into what the channel can expect from Harbortouch in 2014: “built-for-purpose” POS systems — traditional POS systems that offer more functionality than mobile solutions.

BSM: What new tools will Harbortouch equip its resellers with in 2014?

Isaacman: Harbortouch is planning on launching various new features and functionality to its POS systems in 2014. The first is Lighthouse 2.0, which will be a dramatic overhaul of the current cloud-based offering. Lighthouse 2.0 will bring considerable improvements to both functionality and usability. Harbortouch will also be introducing online ordering functionality that will enable restaurants to accept orders through their existing website. These orders will be routed directly through the POS system. Another new add-on will be tableside ordering via iPad. A proprietary iPad app will allow servers to enter orders right at the table for improved efficiency. Additionally, Harbortouch will continue to add support for emerging payment technologies such as EMV and NFC (near field communication).

BSM: Will mobile POS be a focus for Harbortouch in 2014?

Isaacman: We will continue to explore new technologies and platforms to make sure we are offering the best product available, but for now we feel that built-for-purpose POS systems offer the greatest functionality and most robust experience for merchants.

BSM: What features draw end users to mobile POS?

Isaacman: Some of the key items that attract merchants to mobile POS are the simplicity and cloud-based features offered by these solutions. However, most so-called “simple” payment solutions are exactly that -- very limited in their capabilities and certainly not scalable. As far as cloud-based capabilities, Harbortouch offers this same functionality through our proprietary Lighthouse features which allows merchants to access reports and make changes to their menu from any computer with an Internet connection.

BSM: Is mobile POS in demand in a particular vertical? Is demand growing?

Isaacman: Mobile POS has definitely gained traction with smaller, low volume locations. While interest in these systems definitely seems to be growing, this hasn’t necessarily translated to higher demand. Once most merchants do their research, they realize that a traditional POS system offers substantially more functionality than a mobile solution.