Magazine Article | March 19, 2014

Harbortouch Offers The Full Package For Channel Partners

By Rohan Mani, Director, Reseller Division, Harbortouch

Free POS Program Provides Key Differentiator for Harbortouch’s Sales Partners

What is unique about your channel program?
Over the past few years, Harbortouch has established itself in the reseller community as a premier processing partner. Our free POS program has enabled our reseller partners to stand out from the competition and deliver an unmatched value to their customers. The free POS program has become an indispensable sales tool for many of our resellers. Our partners have been able to obtain many accounts that previously couldn’t afford a POS system or didn’t qualify for financing. In addition to opening up new markets, our partners have been able to earn considerable up-front commissions while building a very lucrative residual revenue stream in the process.

What forms of education do you provide to partners?
Harbortouch provides a comprehensive training program for our sales partners. The first step is Harbortouch University, an online training course intended to provide a thorough understanding of our products and services as well as the most effective ways to sell them. This is followed up with a robust continuing education program and culminates with an on-site, hands-on POS certification course. We recently expanded our on-site training with the introduction of the Certified Harbortouch Reseller program. This program is a series of in-depth training courses that enable resellers to earn even more from our free POS initiative. Dealers participating in our CHR program receive a higher revenue split, more bonus money, and benefit from dramatically reduced turnaround times on equipment.

What financing options do you offer partners and how do yours compare to your competition?Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine
Harbortouch’s free equipment program offers a unique sales program for our partners in that it doesn’t rely on traditional financing methods. This program provides the POS hardware and software with no up-front costs, and the merchant is only responsible for a low monthly service fee. The ability to offer a free POS system differentiates our partners from the competition. By delivering a reliable ongoing revenue stream to our partners, this program embodies the “as-a-Service” business model that has been quickly gaining traction in the VAR industry. Not only that, but it literally opens up a whole new market of merchants who previously couldn’t afford a POS system or didn’t qualify for financing.

What tools do you have to help partners succeed in the marketplace?
Harbortouch provides our partners with a custom Harbortouch website as well as professionally designed and printed marketing brochures. Our partners also have access to cutting-edge technological resources such as our Sales Center iPad app and Harbortouch Online reporting tool. Our sales center app is a powerful sales tool that enables our partners to demo the POS software, show sales videos, create proposals, and submit new applications all from their iPad. Another unique technological sales tool available to our partners is the Harbortouch demo kiosk. These kiosks include an actual Harbortouch Elite POS system with a custom interface that includes live versions of all of the Harbortouch software types as well as our sales and demo videos.

What types of service/support do you offer your partners?
Our service levels are truly best in class. As a partner of Harbortouch, you will receive personalized support along with a dedicated account representative to assist you in building a profitable merchant portfolio. Additionally, you will have our entire reseller division at your disposal. Your merchants will be able to take advantage of exceptional in-house customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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