Brochure | December 30, 2013

Brochure: Hardware As A Service (HaaS) Solutions

Source: CharTec
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Avoid The Hassle

Not upgrading your client's aging technology can lead to more on-site work which drains profitability out of your service contract. Not to mention, if you are not the one providing your clients with new technology, then they will look to a competitor.

With Hardware as a Service (HaaS) from CharTec, you can provide your clients with an affordable hardware solution that can fit any budget. By turning the expense of technology into a monthly operating cost, rather than a one-time expenditure, the benefits of HaaS will be clearly seen by your clients. You can add extra value to your HaaS sales offering and include the fact that there is no upfront payment to get started!

CharTec's Hardware as a Service Solution covers all of your client's technology needs including; servers, workstations, firewalls, Backup and Disaster Recovery Devices (BDR), thin clients, notebooks, and more. Also included with HaaS is private labeling that allows your MSP to position itself as the go-to IT solutions provider for your region.

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