Newsletter | June 28, 2013

06.28.13 -- How Small Integrators Become Big ISVs

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How Small Integrators Become Big ISVs
By Matt Pillar, editor in chief, Integrated Solutions For Retailers
Integrator-turned-ISV ExtenData didn’t experience real success until the company put stock in its own intellectual property. Here’s how the company transformed the business from VAR to ISV, racking up new verticals, more than doubling its headcount, and achieving double-digit, year-over-year revenue gains along the way.
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Paint Better With Bar Codes
Buying paint used to the first difficult step in painting a new room or home. Even after you’ve decided on the color to buy, inevitably you need to buy more paint to match that color. One major U.S. hardware chain makes it easy to buy cans of paint with exact color match using the CognitiveTPG Advantage LX printer and bar code labels. Learn more.

Teamwork, Persistence Pay Off In Deal To Install Inventory-Management Solution
A department store chain in the New York metro area had decided to buy inventory-tracking handheld computers from a competitor of systems integrator tekservePOS. But through teamwork with data-capture solutions vendor CipherLab and multiple meetings with the customer, tekservePOS persuaded the retailer to change course. Learn more.

Who Else Wants To Increase Profitability?
Your future is in offering services. Not "service," as in customer service or fixing broken hardware. I’m referring to offering your solutions "as a Service" for which you charge a monthly fee. All of your business won’t be on this model, but you should get as much as possible switched over. Full article.

Is Android Enterprise-Ready?
The ability to remotely manage an install base of devices running the Android OS is the foundation of Honeywell’s approach to solving the associated business concerns. Currently, there are multiple third party companies that focus on building remote management and security solutions for Android. Learn more.

Featured Product
CognitiveTPG Spill Guard CognitiveTPG Spill Guard
CognitiveTPG POS printers are designed with built-in internal and external dams and gutters to prevent damage to the print mechanism. The new Spill Guard accessory complements these features to provide added protection and ensure continuous printing even in the most challenging POS environment. Read more.
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