Newsletter | September 24, 2013

09.24.13 -- How To Prove Value & Retain Customers

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Lately, we’ve been trying to arm you with the knowledge needed to increase your profitability through the sale of solutions via a subscription or recurring revenue model. While it’s hard to argue against the merits of this business model, being successful is also much easier said than done.

Because there’s no “always correct” answer to many of the roadblocks you can face with this model, I believe it’s impossible for us to get too much good information to you. Therefore, within reason, you’ll find me sending an occasional email like this one to pass along a tip, a link to an article, or solicit your feedback.

One of the most common areas MSPs (managed services providers) fall down is in retaining customers. Oftentimes, losing a customer on this model isn’t due to poor service or execution of deliverables, but rather due to poor communication of what, exactly, you’re doing for your customers and how often you’re doing it. To help you highlight the value you provide and help retain customers, here’s a link to a white paper we recently posted on leveraging the power of automated reporting tools. While there’s some N-able-specific content in the article, the lessons learned can be applied to whichever products you use.

Leverage Reporting Tools To Prove Managed Services Value

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