Q&A | December 4, 2013

How To Sell Cloud-Based Surveillance

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


For integrators new to video surveillance and the cloud, here’s some advice to kick-start your sales.

Regarding Training Salespeople To Sell Cloud Surveillance

“Ease of installation becomes a key benefit for systems integrators, allowing them to focus on providing guidance in selecting and installing the security system and cameras,” says Erick Ceresato, product marketing manager at Genetec. “However, the sales model can significantly differ from traditional perpetual-licensed surveillance sales, as Video Surveillance-as-a-Service [VSaaS] solutions are term-based. To better address the managed services model, many SIs are training their sales forces to sell termed services. They are also bundling systems to resell all components as a service. This includes cameras, software, and installation — dispersed for a termed, monthly fee.”

Convincing Customers They Should Be Storing Their Video In The Cloud

“A VSaaS solution reduces the complexity of installing traditional IP systems since much of the infrastructure and network is eliminated,” says Ceresato. “This is a great convenience to both dealers and end-users, as set-up can be done quickly and easily.” He continues by saying that maintenance and upgrades are also simplified, and can be seamlessly delivered and automated over the web. “By eliminating the need to invest in servers and infrastructure, it greatly reduces the cost to set up a system. Also, no dedicated IT or security personnel are required because much of the system is automated.”

Business Solutions also interviewed Christian Morin, director of the Stratocast Product Group, Genetec, for the article, “IP Surveillance Is Ready For The Cloud,” which lists additional benefits for your customers — as well as advice on pitfalls for you to avoid.