Guest Column | June 25, 2012

Implementing A Virtualization Solution

Scott Sims 2X Software

By Scott Sims, GM, the Americas theater, 2X Software

In wrapping up this four-part series on desktop virtualization, there are some best practices that you should know about.

As with any successful project, planning plays a vital role. This may seem foreign to IT people, but planning will reduce headaches, keep you on budget, and help things work together smoothly. This works well for storage, servers, networks, and end user connectivity devices. Without planning, it may work, but it likely won’t work well.

Ask yourself a few questions before you begin any project:

  • How many GB of RAM is in use in the desktop?
  • How many MHz are in use in each desktop?
  • When is the entire environment busy?

The answers should be, respectively, it should be less than 2 GB; determine the use and patterns of CPU utilization; and virus scans or updates may be scheduled at certain times that will affect everyone in the environment.

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