Article | July 28, 2014

Improving The Audio Conference Experience

Phone Conference

By Gary Audin

We have all attended conference calls where you can’t hear well, the meeting is disorganized or people are not engaged. Selecting the best technology, combined with an effective moderator and cooperative attendees, can make all the difference. Here are some recommendations that can help deliver effective and productive conference calls.

Penalties of a Bad Conference Call

When participating in a conference call, it is expected that the call will have remote attendees that cannot be personally in the meeting room. The goal is for the attendees to listen and participate, discuss problems and move forward to attain some goal or goals.

A poorly managed conference call leads to attendee dissatisfaction or stalled projects. The time of the participants is wasted. A string of poor conference calls may prompt attendees to arrive late or not at all. Some may not pay attention and work on email or other distractions, thereby rendering their attendance useless. Bored attendees may be more reluctant to agree on the results of the conference call. In all these cases, the conference call is unproductive.

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