White Paper | November 14, 2012

Increase Your Profits With N-able's New Report Manager 4.0 – A Real Game Changer In The Managed Services Industry!

Source: N-able Technologies Inc.

This white paper from N-able discusses the relationship between SMB clients and management service providers (MSPs), where the ultimate goal of any MSP and IT service provider is to become a Trusted Advisor to these clients. Positioning yourself as a trust advisor elevates the relationship between MSPs and SMBs to the next level, making you the de facto resource and first port of call for a client seeking advice or support.

Being a Trusted Advisor allows MSPs to have influence over their clients thinking and decision making on future investments and IT strategies. This paper notes that this means:

  • Ongoing, repeat business
  • Reduced need to quote on or compete for contracts
  • Exposure to increasingly challenging IT problems
  • New like-minded business from valuable referrals

By being a Trusted Advisor to an SMB, MSPs can protect critical business relationships from competitors, creating stability and allowing room for growth.

 “How to quickly and easily demonstrate the value of your services through standardized reports – and become a Trusted Advisor – is the focus of this white paper.”

Download this white paper below to read more about becoming a Trusted Advisor to your clients.

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