Magazine Article | June 20, 2011

Industry Perspective: Network-Savvy Integrators Are Ready To Sell IP Video

By Fredrik Nilsson, Axis Communications

Video surveillance is a booming market — think about all the cameras at airports, casinos, schools, etc. Most cameras are still using analog technology, but there is a shift to networked digital technology. There are many benefits for security end users if they opt for network video surveillance over analog: better image quality including HDTV and megapixel, increased business functionality and video intelligence, scalability of IP, and a lower total cost of ownership. But a benefit of video IP that's not often discussed is overall technology innovation.

Analog technology has essentially been phased out in every other industry. Digital technology dominates in business, consumer electronics, healthcare, and elsewhere. Because of this, R&D never stops, and the physical security market has benefited immensely.

Many technologies in the IT industry are making their way into IP video surveillance, accelerating the shift to network-based solutions. Read on for a list of technology innovations you probably use daily that present a new opportunity for IP video surveillance installations.

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