White Paper

Intelligent Business Continuity: The Risks In Data Protection

Source: Datto Inc.

Just because you have a backup plan, it doesn’t mean your data is safe; let alone easily accessible in case of a technical or natural disaster.  In this white paper Datto product manager Ian McChord explores the different types of risk in IT infrastructure and the ways intelligent business continuity can best mitigate that risk.

Here is an excerpt from this paper:

As we move further into the age of high availability and instant gratification we must adapt our business practices to this ever-changing demand. Similar to most markets, data protection requires a far different product than it did at the turn of the century. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not an acceptable strategy for off-site backup.

Leading edge companies properly value their technical and business assets, and build a plan to keep them secure no matter what happens. Building a complete continuity plan requires innovative technologies with smart and easy to understand management tools. With more complex and comprehensive systems, however, you must be able to balance it with technician time to configure and support the system. Just because your television remote allows you to watch four programs at once doesn’t mean it is practical for your user experience.

To read more the risks in data protection and intelligent business continuity, download this white paper below.