Article | November 8, 2012

IP Surveillance Integrators Face Storage Challenges

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By Sarah Colson, OEM Marketing Associate, Seneca Data Distributors

The digital security and surveillance market has seen a lot of focus on the benefits of using an open platform IP solution. In the past analog users used a single vendor and chose one type of solution. Today’s video storage solutions allow integrators to build the best surveillance system that is tailored for the customer’s needs. With IP technology video storage can be optimized with different components that maximize performance. However, this method can be costly for smaller installations which can limit the flexibility of small installations.

Video Storage Trends

Low Cost Storage: There has been a steady rise for low cost storage such as network attached storage (NAS) devices. NAS provides a realistic option for projects that require fewer cameras which have the ability to be tailored and targeted to high resolution recording devices in video surveillance solutions.

Improved Compression: We are starting to see more and more storage capabilities. H.264 has strongly become the industry standard. Improved compression allows for exceptional retention times which will significantly lower costs in the long run.