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06.17.13 -- IP Video Demystified: Fact vs. Fiction

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IP Video Demystified: Fact vs. Fiction
By Steve Surfaro
Mid- and large-sized video solutions (16 video channels or more) are universally specified for lower total cost of ownership than analog CCTV due to shared/consolidated infrastructure, common off-the-shelf hardware, Power over Ethernet and improved forensic video coverage, scalability, and more. It only remains to compare small analog and small IP video systems for cost — and that paradigm is shifting more in favor of IP thanks to continued innovation.
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A Marriage Of Education And IP Video
Decision making in education security on campus varies with the complexity of the property, number and type of sites, and, of course, the most important assets: students, faculty, and staff. Full article.

3 Ways To Ensure Your First VMS Install Is A Success
When examining a job, the VMS is usually only one part of the solution. Integrators need to examine the profit potential of a job from an overall perspective first, but also break it down and examine the VMS portion among other components (cameras, storage, network, etc.). Full article.

Remote Video Monitoring: 4 Factors That Can Kill Performance
Viewing video on a smart phone is common today in the consumer market. Remote access to video — from anywhere to anywhere — is also an expectation among security end users. The security benefits are undeniable, including greater productivity for security officers, who no longer have to sit at a desk to view video. Full article.

Beginner's Guide To Selecting A VMS
Selecting a VMS can seem to be a daunting task — every software suite has their own strengths and weaknesses, often obscured in spec sheets multiple pages long. While some of these features may seem inconsequential, there are four features that are worth the effort to track down if you want to create a long lasting surveillance solution. Full article.

5 Ways to Convince Retailers To Upgrade Their Analog Cameras To IP
When you compare IP vs. analog, IP video simply offers more. More resolution, functionality, scalability, flexibility — the list goes on. With IP video, retailers and small businesses are not only protecting their property, but also optimizing business efficiencies and reducing costs. Full article.

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The VB-M600VE is a megapixel security camera that brings together outstanding durability and capability along with superb image quality and advanced control capability. Read more.
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