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09.05.13 -- iPad POS: Making Waves, Making Millions

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Don't Assume Your Salespeople Can Sell Cloud Backup
By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor
Two of the biggest predictors of success with any subscription-based IT service are whether your salespeople embrace it and if they know how to sell it. As you consider adding new IT services and recurring revenue streams to your business, you’ll need to be mindful of potential pitfalls along the way.
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Smarter technology = faster backups!

Smarter technology = faster backups!

Discover why GFI MAX Backup lets you offer faster backup and restores! It’s really easy to get started, there’s free seed loading of initial backup and an effective speed of restore in excess of 5 GB/min. Trusted by MSPs across the globe, GFI MAX Backup offers military-grade protection for your customers’ data, and it’s HIPAA compliant. Brand-able as your own solution, you can configure and manage everything from one central console. 30-day free trial of GFI MAX Backup!

iPad POS: Making Waves, Making Millions
By Matt Pillar, editor in chief, Integrated Solutions For Retailers
Revel Systems is the undisputed leader in iPad-based POS. Here’s how the disruptive company has flourished where others have floundered.
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Enlist Your Company In MSP Boot Camp
By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor
Most VARs and MSPs know what they have to do to be successful — the real challenge lies in the execution of those tasks. Just like quitting a bad habit or losing that last 10 pounds, change is hard. Valiant Technology is an MSP that understands this concept well.
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Sell Network Security As A Service To Reach More Customers
By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor
As network security threats continue to grow and become more complex, cloud-based security solutions are playing a growing role in helping VARs and MSPs protect their customers.
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MSP Netsurit Moves 12,000 Devices To N-able
Listed as one of the Global Top 100 managed service providers (MSPs) by MSP Mentor for three years running, Netsurit has experienced exceptional growth since its founding 15 years ago. With 150 employees and more than 160 clients across South Africa, the MSP uses remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology to make its business thrive.
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Greystone Perfects Customers' IT Experiences Using Continuum
Greystone Technology, the Denver-based managed services provider (MSP) appreciates the efficiency gains realized through Continuum’s IntelliMonitoring service, which employs advanced troubleshooting logic to dramatically reduce resolution cycles — and ensure the best customer service experience possible.
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White Paper

Putting Dispatch In The Driver's Seat

Does your help desk feel like it’s stuck in neutral? Learn the five simple rules of dispatching your help desk can’t afford to break.
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White Paper

Managed Services: Why It's Good For Business

As technology becomes increasingly complex, more companies are outsourcing their IT management and maintenance functions. The idea of outsourcing IT has become so appealing that worldwide spending for IT outsourcing is increasing.
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Executive Commentary

Private vs. Public Cloud 101
By Kirk Nesbit

When deciding on the best model to deploy, it’s important to consider the similarities and differences between public and private cloud and also whether their traits could be combined in the form of hybrid cloud deployment.
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Executive Commentary

Mobile POS Hardware: Alternatives To The iPad/iPhone
By Frank Riso

Retailers are increasing their ability to provide point of sale alternatives as part of their continued efforts to improve their customers’ shopping experience. The growing trend is mobile point of sale.
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Executive Commentary

3 Ways To Increase Revenue From Consumables
By Mike Garofola

Dealers understand that the initial hardware purchase is the beginning of a long-term customer relationship and the start of a recurring revenue stream. There are a few tactics for dealers to consider as an opportunity to increasing revenue from consumables.
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Installation Review

Solutions Provider Lands RFID/Payment Processing Project
By Pedro Pereira, Business Solutions magazine

A solution that allows fast food orders to be paid for using toll tags is quickly leading to additional sales for this solutions provider/ISV (independent software vendor).
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