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08.05.14 -- Is Your Cloud-Based Phone Provider Your Competition?

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Featured Articles
Why You Should Embrace Commoditization
By Rob Rae
Is commoditization actually fueling innovation? Yes — I’m actually suggesting that solution providers should be embracing commoditization. Before you call that crazy, or think that I’m just trying to sensationalize, give me a chance to explain.
Win Market Share Via The Cloud
By Matt Pillar, editor in chief, Integrated Solutions For Retailers
By moving its software to the cloud and offering subscription-based pricing, this ISV was able to take market share from its competition.
The Power Of Multiples: Best Practices For Selling Best-Of-Breed Solutions
Value-added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators have choices in sourcing, assembling, and deploying hardware and software solutions for customers. These IT solutions specialists can work either with a single vendor that offers most of the technology needed to build end-to-end offerings, or multiple vendors to integrate and craft more comprehensive solutions.
Now Is the Right Time To Push Security Solutions
By Michael Papetti
Securely disseminating information on a regular basis is an absolute necessity and of critical concern for countless enterprises throughout the globe — especially those in the healthcare, legal, and financial industries.
Is Your Cloud-Based Phone Provider Your Competition?
By Carl Watene
If you are a managed services provider (MSP), odds are you are constantly seeking new partners who can help you offer new products and services while complementing your existing lines of business. Finding the right fit can be enough of a challenge — but did you know that some cloud-based phone service providers may, in some ways, be your competition?
3 Security Strategies Worth Considering Along With EMV, BYOD
By Andreas Baumhof
A spate of high-profile data breaches and the ongoing threats posed by antiquated magnetic stripe technology has created the need for transformation across the retail and financial sectors — including the upcoming adoption of Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) global standard chip cards throughout the U.S.
Cloud Service Providers — 4 Things To Measure Before Leaping
By Jason Lieblich
As IT shops, both large and small, contemplate moving more of their systems off-premise and into the cloud, understanding how a potential service provider performs in real-world configurations is critical to a successful transition.
Which Backup Solution Is Right For Your Customer?
By Dan Tully
For many enterprises, there may be nothing more important than having the right backup solution in place for their data. There are three basic enterprise backup solutions: traditional, cloud, and hybrid. All three have their merits depending on the needs of a company.
Is Your Workforce Ready For The Internet Of Everything?
By Sudarshan Krishnamurthi
Futurist Ray Kurzweil believes that the 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate — about 1,000 times greater than the 20th century.
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