Video | September 26, 2011

Video: Keeping Customers Happy

Source: Business Solutions Magazine
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John Giles, President of Future POS, talks with Jameson Publishing and Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive video interview. In this interview, Giles talks about his company's "secret" to award-winning customer service, what VARs should demand from their vendors as far as channel friendliness, and principles resellers can implement at their company to keep their customers happy.

"Early on in the business, I noticed that some of the bigger companies out there had very adversarial relationships with their resellers," Giles says. "I don't want to say they would talk down to them, but they would say, 'If you can't sell us it's because you're not a good salesman. If your customer's not happy it's something you're doing.' We've always taken a very opposite approach. What can we do better to allow you to have more success on the street?"

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