Article | April 15, 2014

LabTech: RMM Product Review - 2014 Update

In the Jan 2013 issue of Business Solutions magazine, we reviewed seven RMM platforms. In the time since, a lot has changed. To keep you up-to-date, we’ve reached out to each vendor to obtain updates on their products. Remote Technology Management (RTM), an MSP based in the Boston area and headed up by CEO Eric Brown, performed the original testing over a four-week period. Brown, along with his team of technology consultants, tested seven RMM tools and shared feedback on the highlights and lowlights of each one. To view the original product test results, which compares all seven RMM products, click here.

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Since Jan 2013, what are the most significant changes to your RMM platform?

  1. Next Generation integrations with ConnectWise and Autotask PSAs — Introduced the concept of Ticket Category that allows for granular routing of Tickets to different ConnectWise service boards or Autotask Service Queues allowing tickets to be routed to specific resources for handling.  This enables routing Exchange specific alter information to the person within the MSP while routing MS-SQL issues to a different board to be work by someone with that expertise either in-house or working for an external NOC provider.
  1. LabTech Ignite Plugin (our pre-configured out-of-box experience that saves MSPs countless hours of configuration) — The Ignite Plugin simplifies enabling and modifying Ignite while providing feedback to the user to make sure that correct settings are selected.
  1. Fully integrated and supported industry-leading TeamViewer integration — LabTech fully supports deploying industry leader Teamviewer as an alternative remote control solution.  The integration allows users to take advantage of Teaveiwer’s remote control features seamlessly within LabTech.
  1. VNC performance optimizations
  1. Script Engine Enhancements (advancement of automation capabilities ) — Execute Script function allows script writers to insert an existing PowerShell script into a single LabTech script function.  The script writer can also extend the PowerShell script with information gathered by LabTech prior to deploying and running the script against local systems.


  1. Do you offer NOC services? LabTech offers Live Virtual Help Desk as a 3rd Party enhancement; Offers 24/7 technical resources access for clients; Internal resources available for development & consulting projects
  2. Yours or a 3rd party? 3rd Party
  3. What is additional cost? Pricing starts at $12 per agent
  4. NOC location(s): NA
  5. Agent/Agentless/Both? Both

Which mobile platforms do you support for monitoring? Android OS V.2.2 and later, iOS Devices V.4 and Later

Any changes to your pricing structure since Jan 2013? None since January 2013

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