Case Study | October 9, 2012

Large Industrial Recycler Convinced By MOBOTIX-Solution


This MOBOTIX case study takes a look at United Scrap Metal Inc., a buyer, processor, and recycler founded in 1978 by Marsha Serlin, a single mother of two, with $200 and a rental truck. United Scrap now processes over 250,000,000 lbs. of material each year at their 35-acre processing yard with a team of 180 employees and 2,500 commercial clients across the nation. United Scrap’s current analog surveillance system had reached the end of its life and they realized it was time to upgrade to something better.

Pending government regulations will require scrap metal recyclers to essentially keep a track record of all materials it purchases from buyers as well as identify the people selling material. This will not only require verification of identities, but recording license plates on vehicles at their facility as well. Securing their 35-acre facility is a monumental task based on the size and make-up of the area. “We are always trying to be progressive and implement technology before it is needed,” Serlin said. “We never want to be short-sighted.”

Due to the volatile nature of metal prices, rapid fluctuations require that United Scrap prioritize the processing of certain materials at certain times to ensure profitability. Coordinating and ensuring this processing is happening at their massive facility is a major challenge. Additionally, fluctuations in metal prices will create sudden rushes of people selling scrap metals. United Scrap needed a method for quickly identifying high-priority areas and materials so they could deploy ample workers.

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