News | June 26, 2012

Level Platforms Expands Integrated Mobile Device Management Leadership

IT service providers leverage integrated MDM solution to meet high customer demand for security and performance of mobile devices within the IT environment.

Level Platforms recently expanded its comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) offering, with new features for managed services providers (MSPs) to address critical security and administration concerns for end-clients as sensitive corporate material is shared and accessed on smartphones and tablets.

Level Platforms’ MDM capabilities provide monitoring and management for all major smartphones and tablets, including devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM. All MDM features are delivered from the same central Managed Workplace dashboard MSPs used to view and manage all other technologies for their end-customers.

“The increasing reliance on mobile devices is transforming how small and medium sized businesses operate and dramatically changing the IT needs and support requirements for end-users,” said Peter Sandiford, CEO Level Platforms. “MDM is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of MSP offerings. Concerned customers are looking for answers from their MSPs.  At the same time mobile devices are now a critical component of the end user experience and represent a must-have MSP offering for anyone providing desktop management.”

“Level Platforms has made a clear commitment to be the leader in MDM for MSPs, and has delivered a solution that fits seamlessly into our managed services offering to help us deliver immediate value for our clients,” said Alan Reeves, founder of MouseCalls, an MSP serving over 4000 customers in Nashville, TN. “We can now fully manage the entire IT experience for our clients, delivering improved performance and controlling the security risks associated with smartphones and tablets. Level Platforms delivers the same features as more expensive, complex enterprise MDM tools, but lets us manage and monitor smart devices from all major vendors alongside other equipment and infrastructure deployed by our clients from a single dashboard. Over the course of the 14-year history of our company we have serviced Apple products, so this is a natural extension of our offering and one that we are excited about delivering to our clients.”

New mobile security features

Once deployed on a mobile device, Managed Workplace allows MSPs to collect complete asset information, remotely configure devices, track location and restrict user access if required. To help close security gaps, new capabilities introduced in Level Platforms’ MDM solution provide deeper security features that enhance an MSP’s ability to protect their clients’ sensitive information.

MSPs can now designate a device as “lost” across all platforms, triggering configurable automated actions including resetting the password, locking the device or wiping all information. Alternatively, MSPs can receive an alert when a lost device is powered on so they can take manual steps to recover or remotely secure the device.

In addition, MSPs can view a detailed list of all devices that belong to a customer site, and receive alerts when a device has been unavailable for a set period, has been jail broken or rooted, or the SIM card has been tampered with. Device restrictions, such as disabling the camera, can also be enforced by the MSP for clients who must meet security requirements.

New features include:

  • Set devices as “lost” across all platforms with configurable automated actions to lock and reset the passcode (Android devices) or wipe the device (iOS and Android);
  • Set alerts for when a lost device is powered on;
  • New email configuration, device restriction and passcode policy feature for Android devices;

For more on features delivered by Level Platforms expanded MDM offering, download the MDM brochure:

End-to-end management of end user IT experience

Based on the mobile operating system, MSPs can automate key capabilities to ease provisioning for connectivity issues, security and email integration. For example, Wi-Fi configuration policies for Apple devices can be automatically pushed across a site, meaning passwords can be changed regularly without requiring authorized users to enter a new password. Similarly, Wi-Fi configuration options enable a client to control costs associated with data roaming by allowing Internet access only when a Wi-Fi hotspot is available.

Expanded MDM features now available

Level Platforms’ expanded MDM offering is now available to Partners. Log in to the Partner Portal for details. To learn how to become a Partner, visit 

About Level Platforms

With thousands of IT service provider partners in 30 countries, Level Platforms is the leading provider of comprehensive managed services solutions for IT solution providers servicing small and mid-sized end customers through its award-winning remote monitoring, management and automation software, Managed Workplace. Level Platforms’ agentless technology and its extensive integration into the IT ecosystem allow MSPs to monitor and manage all of the products and services that impact their end customers’ use of information technology from a single web-based dashboard. “See All. Manage All. Service all.” For more information, visit

SOURCE:  Level Platforms