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By Mike Monocello, editor-in-chief, Business Solutions magazine
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If you’ve been reading Business Solutions magazine (BSM) for the past couple years, you know that we believe strongly in the power of recurring revenue via the as-a-Service model. Recurring revenue is predictable and stable and can help your business reach new heights. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles you’ll probably have to overcome. We want to help. In fact, it’s our mission.

It’s the reason why we launched our Channel Transitions conferences. If you don’t know, these conferences (there’s one in Boston later this month and one in Chicago in Oct.) are built to give you the information you need to transition your business from break-fix to as-a-Service. We bring in speakers who have a history of success with this model and ask them to share what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, since the topic is so specific, the event’s sponsors showcase their solutions that fit perfectly with this model. It’s like a bootcamp for VARs looking to become MSPs.

I’m very happy to announce an exclusive partnership with industry veteran and MSP guru Gary Pica.

Our mission to educate you is also the reason we’ve launched our new SmartVAR Webinar and podcast series. In late May, we held a Webinar with network security company Webroot, and during the first week of July we’re doing one with F-Secure, another security company focused on the as-a- Service delivery model. Expect lots more in the coming months as we look to build our collection of multimedia education.Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

On a related note, I’m very happy to announce an exclusive partnership with industry veteran and MSP guru Gary Pica. Pica is widely considered to be the “go-to expert” in the channel for growing managed services sales and profitability. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, became one of the fastest growing MSPs in the country, generating over $500,000 of monthly recurring revenue. Today, he runs TruMethods, a coaching and mentoring company helping MSPs become equally successful. Pica and BSM are teaming up to bring his original content (blogs, training, videos, and more) to you. Check out our Managed Services resource center to see the latest from Gary. You won’t find it anywhere else!

Finally, last month we launched a new resource for those looking to get into recurring revenue services. It occurred to us that there are a lot of products you might find useful and worth adding to your line card. Maybe you aren’t aware of them, or maybe you don’t know how they fit. Visit, and you’ll find a page loaded with demos and free trials of many leading services.

We’re bringing you the information via the magazine, e-newsletters, Web content, our event, Webinars, and podcasts. We’ve partnered with one of the most successful and sought after MSPs and consultants out there. We’re creating new resources to help you make the transition.

I’m confident that you won’t find such dedication and resources elsewhere, but I don’t want to rest here. If there’s something else you need, some other resource or information to help you make the transition, please let me know. It’s the BSM mission to get you to experience the predictable and stable revenue you deserve through our life-changing content.

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