Article | December 18, 2012

Making HIPAA Look Easy While Improving Healthcare Industry Workflow

Today’s stringent compliance requirements of HIPAA has put health organizations on notice for providing enhanced security to patients’ personal records without sacrificing practical efficiencies or quality patient care.

Workflow has become a popular term that we constantly come across, and with today’s  high-tech age, organizations are seeking ways to try to do more with less. In healthcare, a few seconds can be the determining factor between life and death.  With the industry’s ever-changing landscape, healthcare providers are looking for solutions that will increase productivity and  automate workflow, that will in turn, allow more time to be spent focusing on patients. 

Due to security and privacy of patient information, ever-changing healthcare processes and new federal government regulations, clinicians understand a HIPAA violation can damage their reputation. Therefore, they are looking for ways to eliminate manual processes and consequently reduce human error. For example, by reducing the time spent signing on and off workstations; healthcare workers are free to devote more time to caring for their patients.

RF IDeas brings a cost effective and comprehensive solution for signing on and off workstations throughout the facility securely to healthcare organizations with card readers that extend the use of existing identification credentials that staff uses for building access. All RF IDeas products are HIPAA compliant and designed to keep healthcare organizations on top of their compliance requirements.  RF IDeas’ patented technology powers solutions in a wide variety of healthcare authentication and identification applications, leveraging the existing identification credentials.  By using existing identification badges at workstations equipped with RF IDeas readers, employees are authenticated faster and more accurately than by manually keying in their username and password.

RF IDeas readers expand the existing badge functionality to securely authenticate employees inside the building to be able to sign on to a workstation, release print jobs, register at meetings, track time and attendance, pay for their food, transport and dispense medical materials, and much more – all using a single badge. Leveraging a company’s existing badge investment with RF IDeas card readers enables employees to spend their time on more important duties - providing quality patient care.

About RF IDeas
RF IDeas, founded in 1995, is the innovator of WaveID, the new standard for badge-based authentication and identification solutions powered by RF IDeas readers. Under the WaveID umbrella, RF IDeas designs, develops, and manufactures card readers that support nearly every proximity, contactless, and magnetic stripe card in use worldwide. RF IDeas readers come in many form factors and are used in numerous applications and OEM solutions including: multi-function printers, kiosks, building and door access, point-of-sale and computer logon. In addition to card readers, RF IDeas offers Wiegand converters and Software Developer’s Kits.

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