Video | December 10, 2012

How Managed Devices Vs. Time Reporting Improves Your Profitability

By Patrick Albert, product manager, N-able Technologies

In this 2 minute, 30 second video, N-able Technologies Product Manager Patrick Albert shows how having the capability to compare your managed devices with the time spent each month servicing those end points is a crucial step for an MSP to improve its profitability. Albert lays out several factors that can threaten a service provider’s profitability (e.g. billing systems not up to date) if left unchecked, using the following real-world scenario:  When a customer adds a new device, what needs to happen internally at your company?

  • Do you need to add that asset to a ticketing solution?
  • Does the customer’s billing need to be adjusted?
  • Does the new device push your customer over a threshold that requires an adjustment to their contract?
  • Are there other software solutions this new device needs to be added to?

Once an MSP has a good system in place to accommodate end point changes and updates, the Managed Devices Vs. Time Report can be used to optimize your efficiency.

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