Podcast | November 11, 2011

Managed Print Success Story: MSP James Laszko

Source: OKI

James Laszko, CTO for managed services provider Mythos Technology, talks about his success with managed print in this excerpt from the webinar "Do You Own Your Customers' Entire IT Environment?"

Mythos implemented its managed print services just two weeks after deciding to add it to their linecard. They launched a pilot program to five clients within one month. Laszko said his company saw higher profits in managed print compared with traditional IT sales: 50% markup (vs. 10-20%), 10% month-to-month revenue increase, and 20% total profit growth. Laszko said managed print requires less effort to achieve greater margins.

Here are Laszko's four main reasons he believes VARs should offer MPS:

  1. Become a total solution provider and trusted advisor.
  2. Capture revenue/margin currently being captured by someone else.
  3. Mitigates the risk of competition.
  4. Ensures longer-term customer retention

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