Newsletter | December 17, 2013

12.17.13 -- Managing Mobile Devices: The New MSP Opportunity

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Just as it’s hard to imagine banking without ATMs, computer users eventually will look back and wonder how they ever got by without smart phones or tablets. Network-connected smart phones, notebooks, and tablets, according to analysts, will reach 15 billion worldwide by 2015 — more than double the planet’s projected population!

Mobile computing is inevitable. Users want to carry their mobile devices at all times wherever they go, including the workplace. For employers, especially small and midsize businesses (SMBs), the proliferation of personal smart phones and tablets accessing their networks creates complex management challenges. Often, employers don’t know who is bringing what devices into the office and how much corporate data is in them, which poses serious security risks.

This explosion of personal mobile devices in the workplace creates an opportunity for you to add value for your SMB customers. Remotely monitoring and managing mobile devices is a logical extension of the services you already provide. To learn more, I encourage you to check out the following white paper that can help get you started with mobile device management.

Managing Mobile Devices: The New MSP Opportunity

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