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06.10.14 -- Marketing Measurement ... Who Even Does That?

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Break Out Of Your Managed Services Sales Rut
By Jay McCall
By Jay McCall This MSP’s willingness to relinquish control of his company and focus on his sales process is leading to unprecedented double-digit growth this year.
It’s not bragging if you can back it up!

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Featured Articles
New Revenue And Profit Opportunities For VoIP Providers
How to generate new recurring revenue from higher-value, higher-margin managed services in about 45 days.
As-A-Service Part 6: Automation Is Your Friend
If you're going to take on an as-a-service model, you need to create efficiencies that maximize your output without adding costs. In Part 6 of the Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service, you'll discover the value that automation brings to your as-a-service practice and how you can achieve it.
Marketing Measurement ... Who Even Does That?
Performance improvement and optimization are goals that many companies strive to achieve. As business owners, we want to build organizations that can practically manage themselves with staffs that are proactive and self-reliant when it comes to accomplishing tasks. The same goal should be practiced when it comes to approaching your marketing efforts.
MSP Averts Total Disaster At Customer Site With Early Warning RMM Solution
An early warning from AVG Managed Workplace made it possible for Coastal Solutions to react rapidly to flooding at a customer site, raising the alarm and averting total disaster.
How To Bundle And Price Managed Services
By David Streit
Sometimes a client will ask me, “What computer should I buy?” I can only answer that question with a series of other questions about their unique computing needs and preferences. If I ask another IT service firm how they bundle and price their managed services plans, I hear entirely different options and pricing from my own plans. Each client is unique in terms of their buying patterns, just as each business owner is unique in their pricing structure.
Security-As-A-Service 101: An 8-Minute Primer You Can't Afford To Skip
By Jeremy Merrick
At Business Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to educate our readers — VARs still on the break-fix model and new MSPs — on recurring revenue solutions they could be adding to their portfolios. Security-as-a-Service is a great one and our discussion topic in this podcast.
How Big Is Healthcare's Big Data?
By Megan Williams
The age of healthcare defined by data has officially begun. The industry is a bit behind others, but once things get to full speed (or even partial speed), it’s almost universally agreed upon that Big Data in healthcare will dwarf what we’ve seen so far in other areas.
From ASCII Columbus: Creating An Effective Marketing Plan
By Jim Roddy
You’re a total solutions provider? Good for you. Your customers are thrilled with your products and services? Good again. So why are you struggling to grow? Probably because you’re great at IT and a novice at marketing.
Brand Says Everything About Your Business
By Neal Bradbury
Branding is a great differentiator, but there are conflicting schools of thought regarding how to go about it. Some VARs and MSPs (managed services providers) market their alliances and status with top-tier vendors. Others assemble IT bundles, solutions, or services that they rebrand and resell for an upcharge. And a small, but growing number of channel partners brand on the business value they deliver to their customers.
Telephone Interconnects: The Next To Offer Managed Services ... To Survive
By Bernadette Wilson
Selling telephone systems was traditionally pretty uncomplicated. Carriers provided the phone service. Interconnects (VARs who sell telephone and other communications solutions) sold it to their clients along with phone system hardware. Managed services providers (MSPs) handled IT. Each provided a piece of the puzzle, and it all worked together.
  The Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association is an exclusive community of restaurant loss prevention, security, safety, and risk management professionals focused on helping its members minimize losses and reduce liabilities to positively impact company profitability. Our members represent more than 100 different restaurant brands. We share information about industry trends and connect a network of peers who understand the unique challenges of the job, and who collaborate to find the best solutions.
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AffinityLive Integrates With GFI MAX To Provide Cloud-Based Business Management Tools For IT Service Providers
Hospital Wi-Fi Needs Upgrading (Again)
Healthcare IT News For VARs
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