News | July 24, 2013

Merchant Warehouse Announces Partnership With checkAppointments


Genius offers new payment methods through online appointment scheduling

Merchant Warehouse, a leading innovator of payment technologies and merchant account services, recently announced a partnership with checkAppointments, a customizable online booking solution for businesses across a variety of industries. The integration of Merchant Warehouse’s Genius Customer Engagement Platform is checkAppointments’ first payment solution integration, allowing its clients to accept a variety of payment options when one of their own customers makes an appointment online.

checkAppointments’ booking software solution lets businesses give their customers control over their appointments, from scheduling at their leisure to paying for those services. With the Genius integration, customers can use their preferred method of payment when they set up an appointment, whether a traditional card payment or leveraging mobile payment technologies. Additionally, Genius capabilities build on checkAppointments’ existing option for their clients to apply promotions, coupons or voucher codes when appointments are made. 

“Businesses need customizable solutions that not only appeal to customers, but also flexibly adjust to customers’ evolving needs,” said Addy Kapur, Founder, checkAppointments. “Genius is all about flexibility, making it a perfect payment technology for us. With Genius, we can deliver an even greater number of options to meet customers’ individual needs by letting them decide how they want to pay. We’re looking forward to the additional business opportunities Genius presents for our clients and their customers.”

Genius is a payment acceptance technology that lets merchants of all sizes accept any kind of payment, discount or loyalty program through a single transaction from a single customer engagement device. Designed to evolve with the market, Genius delivers ultimate flexibility and scalability to merchants, while presenting the opportunity to turn a transaction into an interaction. Genius is also a PA-DSS validated solution that separates all sensitive data from the POS system, ensuring the protection of transactional data through tokenization and point-to-point encryption.

“Technology has really allowed businesses to connect with their customers in new and innovative ways. These new methods of interaction enable the type of high-quality customer experience that many consumers demand, whether it’s in person or through the web,” said Henry Helgeson, CEO, Merchant Warehouse. For more information, visit

About checkAppointments
Founded in 2006, checkAppointments has helped pave the road for online scheduling solutions. Used by small businesses, educators, medical professionals, public sector divisions, non-profits, and enterprises alike, checkAppointments online booking takes away the logistical headache of cross-comparing calendars, returning missed calls, and accepting payments or sending invoices. With instant reminders and notifications to all parties, the customizable scheduling software reduces no-shows while taking away much administrative pain. Clients of checkAppointments users can easily book online 24/7 driving upwards of 90% of many users’ business. For more information, visit

About Merchant Warehouse
Merchant Warehouse is a recognized leader in payment acceptance solutions and merchant services. With Merchant Warehouse, merchants, agents, POS developers and VARs can achieve strategic business advantage through the delivery of current and emerging payment, offer and program solutions and merchant services that dramatically enhance the merchant-customer experience. The company's new Genius Customer Engagement Platform enables businesses to always connect with customers in the most important place -- the sale. A single, intuitive platform that integrates every transaction technology, loyalty program and more, Genius ensures businesses never lose a sale to lack of compatibility. Merchant Warehouse is one of the fastest growing payment technology companies in North America. For more information, visit