Magazine Article | June 18, 2014

Mobile POS (mPOS) Strategic Focus And Unique Value Proposition

By Emily Wright, Mobility and Emerging Market Sales Manager, BlueStar

Facilitating the sale and deployment of complete mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions, including bundled solutions; seeking out new sources of peripherals and other accessories to transform consumer devices into viable POS configurations

The mobile POS industry continues on a growth trajectory, with sales by some estimates reaching nearly $5.7 billion in the retail environment alone. Retailers clearly recognize the benefits of mPOS implementation, including the ability to more easily operate in an omnichannel environment, improve customer service and operational efficiencies by increasing the amount of staff available on the sales floor, minimize wait times in checkout lines and add flexibility to store layouts. All of this, in turn, increases sales per square foot.

BlueStar has undertaken several new initiatives aimed at helping POS VARs capitalize on retailers’ everincreasing interest in the mPOS space. “We are making a concerted effort to partner with the best mobile hardware vendors in the business and increase our speed to market strategies with new technologies introduced by our existing partners,” says Emily Wright, Mobility and Emerging Market Sales Manager. She cites as examples peripheral wraps (sleds) and charging devices that turn iOS and Android phones and other hand-held hardware into POS systems.

“We can help VARs select the appropriate peripheral devices to help create mPOS configurations that suit different retailers’ needs,” Wright notes. BlueStar can also add compatible Bluetooth printers, cash drawers, scanners and mag stripe readers.

Just as significantly, BlueStar now walks partners step by step through the process of taking mPOS solutions to market, bundling together hardware and software, and marshalling logistics and other services in the bargain. Moreover, BlueStar has created an mPOS specific marketing program tailored to resellers and ISVs, because their go-to-market and integration differs from that of promoting point of sale technology in general.Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

Additionally, the distributor continues to expand its menu of mobile hardware and its roster of software developers working in iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, making it easier for resellers that are already familiar with mobile solutions to expand their business in this area. For VARs that have yet to move into mobility on the POS side, BlueStar offers In-a-Box Solutions — pre-integrated, road-tested bundles that include all the necessary mPOS elements in a single package.

Regarding the marketing programs noted previously, central to BlueStar’s mission is the partnership with VARs to help them grow their businesses. For more than a decade, the company’s FUSION program has served as a valuable source for marketing services and demand generation. However, the marketing landscape and the means in which to drive new revenue have changed — and with them, VARs’ marketing needs. Consistent with this trend, BlueStar has enhanced FUSION and rebranded it as VARCOM.

VARCOM features the latest in Web, app, social, and interactive marketing toolsets, as well as many of the proven marketing services that were offered under the FUSION umbrella. “Our strategy is to function as a full-service marketing partner for our resellers, offering them a comprehensive cadre of marketing and lead generation services,” says Jason R. Firment, BlueStar’s VARCOM director. “To do this, we’ve teamed up with top experts in the channel for every aspect of marketing — experts which understand the significance of this valueadd program and the need to have quantifiable results that drive sales.”

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