Video | January 11, 2012

Mobility: 2010 And Beyond

Source: Honeywell
Honeywell Mobility 2010

Greg Payne, Manager of Mobility Systems for Honeywell, talks with Jameson Publishing and Field Technologies Online President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive interview. In this interview, Payne discusses the "resurgence and convergence" of the industry and outlines where users are steering the future of mobility.

"We at Honeywell continue to support Microsoft and we have no plans to move away from the core platform that we support today," Payne said. "But certainly we would encourage all of our partners to look at really supporting their systems, their solutions on an open system type of architecture. Focus on being agnostic so you can support your solutions on Honeywell devices or other types of devices as well."

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