Download | September 19, 2013

Mobotix Q24: 360-Degree IP Camera Product Review

Source: Business Solutions Magazine
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Mobotix Q24 360-Degree IP Video Camera

One of the cameras we wanted to test came from Mobotix. To test its Q24 camera, we used Wavestore VMS as our software platform due to the software’s ability to de-warp 360-degree camera video. Following are the results of our tests.

Operating Temperature

A very important aspect of video surveillance is performing site surveys. These allow you to identify the exact needs of your customer and avoid embarrassing mistakes. One mistake you could make is installing a camera in a location that’s either too hot (remember, warm air rises) or too cold. The Mobotix camera can handle temperatures as low as -22 degrees. When it comes to heat, the best performer of all cameras tested is the Mobotix camera, capable of operating at 140 degrees.

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