News | April 25, 2012

Monitis Disrupts IT Monitoring, Again

Monitis puts the enterprise-grade features used by leading organizations into the hands of everyone in its free Monitor.Us offering

Monitis Inc., the enterprise-grade web and cloud systems monitoring company, recently announced it will offer all its enterprise-grade monitoring features in its free monitoring service, Monitor.Us. Monitis believes this move makes Monitor.Us one of the most feature-rich and comprehensive free hosted web and cloud monitoring solutions available, meaning that even the smallest company can gain insight into their web systems performance that was previously out of their reach.   

In the past, powerful web application performance tools were complex and priced for the larger enterprise, making proactive web application management unattainable for small to mid-sized companies. The growing adoption of the cloud makes it even more important to be in control of IT systems wherever they are located.

The 77 new features added to Monitor.Us allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of web and cloud systems monitoring, enabling them to support the smooth transition to the cloud with confidence that web and cloud applications are in good health. If things do go wrong, will allow them to conduct quick root-cause analysis to get systems running smoothly again.

“Monitor.Us is all about liberating hard-worked web developers and administrators from the inherent limitations of on-premise monitoring tools and giving them easy-to-use, powerful tools to do their job,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, founder and general manager, Monitis. “Our Monitor.Us offering has always been free, but we’ve now made it even more valuable by adding in a host of new features to make busy techs’ lives easier, absolutely free. We already have an extensive user-base of over 100,000 users, managing in excess of 200,000 websites and delivering 40 million checks and records each day in Monitor.Us.”

“We haven’t merely upgraded our existing free product; we’ve taken our premium product and made the vast majority of the features available in the free version,” continued Avoyan. “We were already offering a strong feature set for free, and with today’s launch, we have completely redefined what home and small business users can expect from free monitoring – we’re putting the tools used by many leading organizations in the hands of everyone.”

The re-launch of Monitor.Us adds a further 77 new features and significant upgrades to the existing tools that include three new major monitoring services:

  • Cloud Monitoring Service, which, for the first time, enables free independent monitoring of cloud-based applications and environments.
  • Real Browser End User Monitoring Service, which gives users the ability to conduct full page monitoring of page load speed and establish which individual part of a web page is causing an issue.
  • Custom Monitoring Service, which enables users to create their own types of monitors for highly specific needs. In addition, a large number of product-specific custom monitors are available free of charge at the company’s github public repository.

To learn more about the free Monitor.Us service, visit

About Monitis, Inc.
Monitis Inc. is a specialist provider of web and cloud monitoring services that include website monitoring, site load testing, transaction monitoring, application and database monitoring, cloud resource monitoring, and server and internal network monitoring within one easy-to-use dashboard. Over 100,000 users worldwide have chosen Monitis as their provider of choice to increase uptime and user experience of their services and products. What makes Monitis’ solutions different is that they are fast to deploy, feature-rich in technology and provide a comprehensive single-pane view of on-premise and off-premise infrastructure and applications.

Monitis offers its services in two versions: premium and free. The free version, Monitor.Us, is the pioneering free web and cloud systems monitoring service.  Sponsored by Monitis, Monitor.Us gives home and small business users access to leading-edge availability and performance monitoring within one easy-to-use dashboard. Other than a handful of purely enterprise-grade features, the core differences between the Monitis and Monitor.Us products are the ability to save monitoring history, the number of monitoring locations, and the frequency of checks.  For more information please visit

Monitis was acquired by GFI Software in October 2011.

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