News Feature | March 24, 2014

Motorola Solutions CPE 2014: Moon Highlights Keys To Motorola's Success

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By Mike Monocello, editor-in-chief, Business Solutions magazine
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Motorola Solutions

In the morning session today at the Motorola Channel Partner Expo 2014, March 23-25, in Las Vegas, Mark Moon, Executive Vice President and President of Sales & Product Operations at Motorola Solutions addressed the company’s partners.

He reported the company’s sales overall were flat compared to the previous year at $8.7 billion. Sales in the company’s government sector rose 1 percent.  Sales in North America were $5 billion, down 2 percent, and the biggest growth was in Europe.

He commented that weathering tough times builds and reveals character. Motorola Solutions recognizes three keys to success:

  • Think Big. It’s important to strengthen and grow the core of your business, to move into adjacent technologies (e.g., RFID, LTE, new verticals), and to innovate.
  • Act Small. Regardless of how large your business grows, maintain an organizational structure that supports collaboration, risk-taking, and decisiveness.
  • Move Fast.  This can be accomplished by teamwork — working as a family.

He also challenged partners with a twist on an old adage:  “If it ain’t broke … fix it.” There’s always room for improvement.

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