Guest Column | November 17, 2013

MSP Automation: Four Areas You Must Automate

By Suzy Kratochvil, Director of Training and Implementation for Tigerpaw Software

Using software to automate existing manual processes can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line. Without automation, it's easy to get bogged down in the everyday details of running your business and miss opportunities to grow your business. Automation tools can help you streamline processes and indentify those valuable business opportunities so you don’t lose out to your competitors. Automating these four areas typically offers the largest ROI:

  1. Asset polling: Stay on top of the internal assets you manage and external assets you monitor, with little or no human intervention.
  2. Billing: Spend more time earning money and less time collecting it. Automate billing and payment processing for recurring online services such as web hosting, asset polling, online storage, or backup/disaster recovery (BDR).
  3. Client communication: Be responsive and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that your customers know how valuable they are. For example, automation allows you to automatically send internal notifications when a service level agreement (SLA) deadline approaches and auto generate customer notifications when a specific action or trigger occurs in your software.
  4. Employee tasks: Boost the efficiency and profitability of your technicians by equipping them with the right technology to manage their tasks and calendars. In particular, invest in mobile applications that optimize technician time in the field.

Automation frees up your time and offers valuable insights into your business, allowing you to focus on what is essential for your business to remain competitive, scalable, and profitable.