Case Study | January 7, 2013

MSP Streamlines Antivirus Management & Delivery

Source: AVG Business


Nomad Tech Group offers around-the-clock computer support, network management and help-desk for local small businesses, schools and government offices in Evansville, Indiana. They use AVG Antivirus products to protect the 2,000+ client devices.

The Challenge:

Ray Engler, owner of Nomad Tech Group, needed a simpler way to manage antivirus licenses and improve efficiency of overall service delivery.

The Solution:

Nomad Tech Group was a part of the Limited Availability Release of “right-sized” AVG CloudCare and has moved half of its customers to this platform so far.

The Benefits:

Nomad Tech Group team has enjoyed smooth product deployment, a streamlined and easy licensing process, improved reporting capabilities, and a centralized dashboard from which the team can get a real-time view into the health of all customers’ networks in one glance.

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