Guest Column | February 3, 2014

MSPs Thrive In The Cloud With Flexible Foundation Platforms

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By Satish Hemachandran, Cbeyond

In the dynamic IT marketplace, managed service providers (MSPs) must regularly re-jigger their business models in order to survive — and thrive.

And for smart MSPs, there is plenty of thriving on the horizon. According to a recently published INSIGHT Research report, MSP services are expected to grow about 11 percent per year globally through 2017, a rate that far outpaces the anticipated overall IT growth rate.

Not surprisingly, driving the expansion is an ongoing demand by businesses — especially SMBs — for outside experts to migrate them to new technologies and platforms in a manner that reduces (or even eliminates) IT capital expenses.

Who better than MSPs — the longtime supporters and advisers of SMBs — to lead them to the IT promised land?

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