Brochure | January 7, 2010

Brochure: N-compass Advanced IT Performance Reporting

Source: N-able Technologies Inc.

N-compass is the premier business and IT reporting solution used by IT service organizations and MSPs to demonstrate the performance of network infrastructure under their management and the value they deliver. With the new release of version 3.0, N-compass is better than ever with simplified custom IT report authoring, extended time-based SLA functionality and powerful IT performance reports that make it easier to track assets and justify hardware and software upgrades.

Available as an optional add-on to N-able's N-central on-premise network monitoring and remote systems management solution, N-compass provides easy-to-generate and easy-to-read IT performance reports, including a scorecard-based executive-level summary. Armed with these reports, MSPs can help customers make better, more informed capacity planning decisions by enabling them to view and quickly understand IT performance data. The result: boost client satisfaction and become a trusted advisor to clients. Likewise, IT professionals in midsize businesses can also use N-compass reports to build effective business cases in support of hardware and software planning and upgrades.


  • Maintain and increase service levels
    Quickly generate reports that evaluate mission-critical business services – such as email, network and security – to ensure they are performing according to their service level agreements.
  • Build the role of trusted advisor
    Leverage N-compass reports to establish the role of trusted advisor by demonstrating your business value and communicating hidden gems of business-critical information to customers. The more value, the more differentiated your company and service.
  • Leverage N-compass as a sales tool
    Fuel your upsell efforts by comparing the downtime costs between various levels of responsive, proactive and managed services.
  • Better plan customer IT Investment
    Generate trend-based historical reports to help customers make better business decisions and plan future IT investments that impact the success of their business.

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