News | June 1, 2012

New Six Minute Video Surveillance Kit

Sperry West’s new Video Commander 2 (SW2000SD) can be set up to achieve hidden camera surveillance in six minutes or less.  This new concept eliminates the need for running wires or depending on wireless transmitters as each device supplied in this kit has an internal video recorder.

The new Video Commander kit comes with seven different cameras allowing the user to be ready to set up a surveillance which can cover more than 90% of investigative situations.

Each disguised camera in this kit will record up to 80 hours of true motion which on average means a surveillance can take place over a period of several weeks before the 32GB SD card would be full.  The SD device will allow for playback on virtually any computer or laptop.  The kit even includes a battery so that several days can be recorded in those areas where electric may not be available.

The seven cameras include a clock radio that not only records, but can actually “see” in complete darkness, with it’s totally invisible infrared array;  smoke detector; passive infrared detector (PIR); pencil sharpener;  computer speaker;  small electrical box and a loose leaf binder. A test monitor and a high impact lockable carrying case complete the kit.  

The average set up for surveillance takes two people about four hours each.  This new Video Commander kit takes six minutes.  That is an amazing manpower savings when surveillance needs to be accomplished.

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SOURCE: Sperry West