Magazine Article | June 16, 2014

No Time For POS Downtime

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By Jay McCall

Your retail clients can lose tens of thousands of dollars an hour if their brick-and-mortar or online point of sale systems crash, making BDR (backup and disaster recovery) a must-have.

In some vertical markets, BDR is the foundational solution and service VARs and MSPs sell their clients, which opens the door to additional opportunities. A case in point can be seen in an MSP success story in this issue (see pg. 26, “Lead With BDR, Follow With Managed Services”). The story highlights Clocktower Technology Services’ BDR sale with a hotel resort. Shortly after the initial sale, the MSP upsold the client a managed services agreement that’s led to a much more profitable business relationship over the past couple of years.

In retail environments, on the other hand, selling BDR seems to be more an exception than the rule. “A recent survey we conducted revealed that business decision makers in the retail industry are more likely to manage application support themselves rather than pay an external consultant or firm,” confirms Dave Hauser, senior director of channel development at Carbonite. “In fact, only 18 percent of retailers bring in a consultant.” But Hauser and other industry experts agree that when it comes to a business’ backup and recovery plan, more retailers should be bringing in outside professional help. And, with a few tips from industry experts, there’s no reason that can’t happen.

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