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OS33 Master MSPs Enable Rapid Adoption Of Cloud Services For Smaller MSPs


New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - OS33, the feature-rich IT-as-a-Service Delivery Platform, today announced that smaller MSPs looking to deliver cloud services to their end-clients now have virtually barrier free entry into the market through OS33 Master MSPs.

OS33's Master MSPs, including LevelCloud and PointClickWork, enable MSPs typically with 10 or fewer employees to offer a full-featured set of cloud services powered by OS33 previously only available to much larger service providers.  By minimizing the need to make sizable investments or to have a high level of expertise with managed hosting, OS33 Master MSPs allow smaller partners to quickly add recurring revenue services to their catalog as well as focus more on value-driven activities and ancillary services rather than building their own integrated cloud solutions.

"We know the challenges that VARs face growing their MSP business," said Biren Shukla, CEO at LevelCloud.  This partner program allows MSPs to quickly become a cloud service provider in as little as 30 days, by equipping them with everything they need from sales and marketing to training and support.  There is a general consensus that an MSP should do everything themselves, however, that is not a scalable approach and is often detrimental to growth. Many MSPs don't have the time, resources or expertise to manage a multi-tenant datacenter environment for the cloud.  As such, the role of an OS33 Master MSP is to free up the operations that are not revenue producing for the MSP client."

With OS33 Master MSPs, smaller providers can go to market with a world-class cloud services platform that is unique, user-friendly and scalable, but with enough flexibility to meet some of the most complex customer needs.  Master MSPs help standardize partners' client networks on a single cloud platform; simplify training, support and help desk activities; and ultimately increase productivity and top-line revenues while decreasing expenses.

"OS33 Master MSPs are picking up where the smaller MSPs leave off," said Brett Jaffe, Principal of PointClickWork.  "They manage the datacenter resources; provide sales and marketing support, escalation of typical support issues, additional training, guidance and even deployment assistance to ensure that cloud transitions move along seamlessly.  By tackling the lion's share of what happens behind the scenes, Master MSPs allow their MSP partners to focus more on higher-valued tasks and ancillary services."

By working with OS33 Master MSPs, smaller service providers have a comprehensive cloud solution that they can quickly monetize without adding complexity to their organizations and decreasing margins.  Partners are currently making an average of 30 to 50 percent margins on every deal without the need to hire additional talent or build out and manage a cloud infrastructure.

"We are super excited to be able to accommodate the increasing demand from MSPs looking to deliver cloud services powered by OS33, with virtually no upfront investment, very quick ramp-up time, and without the complexity of managing their own virtual infrastructure," said Jacob Kazakevich, OS33 President.  "Our Master MSPs have been extremely successful and are signing up 5-10 new partners each month.  We attribute much of that success to the fact that our Master MSPs come from MSP businesses and have substantial MSP experience themselves. Having been on the other side, our Master MSPs have all of the ingredients of a successful partnership in delivery of cloud services, including server management, solution engineering, migration, and sales and marketing support."

With the OS33 platform, MSPs can deliver an all-in-one, cloud-based IT solution to thousands of end users.  From a single interface, MSPs provision servers, publish applications, select from a catalog of pre-integrated business software, activate third-Party SaaS offerings, and manage permissions.  The OS33 Cloud Control Panel enables MSPs to mix and match resources – from geographically distributed virtual datacenter – and integrate and configure raw storage, CPU, and RAM into business-ready, multi-tenant web, and Windows-based applications. 

MSPs looking to add cloud services to their services portfolio and want to partner with an OS33 Master MSP can contact OS33 at to be put in contact with one.

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