News | March 30, 2012

OS33 Provides End Users With Unified Cloud Consumption Reporting, Billing

OS33, the feature-rich IT-as-a-Service Delivery Platform, recently announced the immediate release of its unified cloud consumption reporting and billing tool that enables companies to assess how they utilize multiple cloud resources and services through a single, easy-to-understand Webtop window.

OS33's unified cloud consumption reporting and billing tool provides a complete view of a customer's cloud utilization across all services, including consumption of software licenses, application management services, servers and storage infrastructure, and multi-tenant cloud services resources, by company, cost center or user on a daily basis. Typically, other vendor platforms are focused on the delivery of one specific cloud service. With OS33's unified IT platform, organizations have one view for multiple cloud services, and can then use this information to shift resources, increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and better control cloud consumption spending.

"To have gotten a full dashboard of how we were utilizing cloud resources within our organization, we would have had to track the individual components from each individual vendor and provider of all of our various cloud applications and services," said Wayne Wilson, IT Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. "This process is time consuming and inefficient. We now have an easy-to-analyze way of understanding how we consume our IT resources and can easily discover inefficiencies."

OS33's cloud consumption reporting and billing tool gives unified insight into:

  • Third-party software licensing (Microsoft, Citrix)
  • Other Cloud Providers (Amazon, Google Apps)
  • Application Management Services (Server monitoring, Backup, Security)
  • Cloud Infrastructure (Servers, Storage)
  • Multi-tenant Cloud Services (Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry)

"The ability to fully leverage the cloud comes with the need to utilize multiple technologies from various vendors. Each has their own consumption metrics, logins, and interfaces," said Jacob Kazakevich, OS33 President.

"With so much varied utilization data, customers always ask ‘What am I paying for?' Our unified consumption reporting empowers companies of all sizes to better understand how they consume IT resources, help them reconcile invoices with actual utilization and to discover any discrepancies or inefficiencies in their IT spending with a single unified bill from one vendor. This functionality simplifies the cloud consumption process and puts control and information into the customer's hands in an easy-to-comprehend format."

Unified cloud consumption reporting and billing is built into the OS33 unified IT platform at no additional charge. For more information, visit and the OS33 Blog at Interested parties can also sign up for a no-obligation demonstration of OS33 at

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