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07.23.14 -- Overcome Analysis Paralysis And Do Something

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The Top 5 Alternative Payment Methods VARs Should Keep An Eye On
By Russ Harty
 By Russ Harty Which solutions should VARs recommend to their customers? What benefits does each provide? While some new payment options hold definitive value for businesses today, others merit a wait-and-see approach. Russ Harty of Merchant Warehouse provides a breakdown the top five alternative payment methods that VARs should keep an eye on now.
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Featured Articles
Overcome Analysis Paralysis And Do Something
By Mike Monocello, editor in chief
When I started with this magazine eight years ago, I remember how I struggled writing certain articles. Sure, I was “green,” and I lacked understanding of certain topics, but the POS industry was also in a pretty quiet phase, and there weren’t a lot of exciting angles to take with articles. At the time, I had no idea we were in a lull, and I certainly didn’t expect what was coming.
VARs' Guide To Mobile POS & Cloud POS
Certain people may consider mPOS an overhyped technology when they think of it purely in context of it replacing existing models (such as the stationary register), but by doing so they are underestimating mPOS’ supplemental value.
VARs' Guide To Payment Processing
EMV is big. It will be one of those things that if you turn your back to it for too long, you could lose your advantage. With companies like PayPal and Paydiant coming into mobile payments, all you have to do is look at how much money is being spent on not only mobile payment, but EMV preparedness
Real-Time POS Slashes Credit Card Processing Time
Integrating electronic cash registers with an online portal eliminated long lines at concession stands and reduced product waste by almost 100 percent at this ballpark.
5 Reasons You Need Faster Deposits From Your Payment Processor
Get your money faster with Mercury's new Accelerated Funding.
Integrated Payments — A Profitable Solution For You And Your Clients
By Steve Rizzuto
Solving for business inefficiencies is the foundation of the commitment you make to your clients. Those clients trust you to provide advice, recommendations, and solutions that will help their businesses reach the highest levels of success. But what about your business?
The Fight Against Fraud: Why The U.S. Needs To Step Up Its Payments Game
By Jeremy Gumbley
While credit card fraud is in no way a laughing matter, the latest figures around the amount of customer data compromised and dollars stolen are quite astonishing. Nearly 70 million customers’ credit card data was reported stolen from the Target breach alone and an annual figure of $11 billion lost was recently reported by Javelin Strategy & Research.
VARs Boost Stickiness By Integrating Product And Service Offerings
In the retail and hospitality verticals, where both POS hardware and software are threatening to become bargain-priced commodities, many VARs are seeking greater “stickiness” by creating an integrated stack of technology and service offerings tailored for individual customers’ business requirements.
Small Businesses Hold The Key To Mobile Payment Adoption
Smart phones are the biggest opportunity on Main Street because they are emblematic of a new era. Just as the cash era became the card era, the card era is evolving to the smart device era. Consumers are beginning to use devices for making payments in place of cash or cards.
Mobile Payments — Developing A Mobile Commerce Strategy In Uncertain Times
For years, mobile payments have been described as the “future of the payments industry.” Industry observers have detailed the intelligence of the mobile device, the security of NFC, the effectiveness of cloud-based solutions, as well as dozens of other mobile payment solutions and the advantages they provide.
Integrated Payment solutions from Datacap help ISVs keep pace with evolving trends and payment industry standards, while supplying a conduit for POS providers to earn recurring revenue on every installation. Contact us today to learn how a Datacap partnership can grow your business! Learn more.
Magazine Articles
3 Realities To Face And Conquer Moving To A Service Model
Offer New Revenue Opportunities For You And Your Merchants
triPOS: The Next Generation Of Simple And Secure Integrated Payments
Payments And Integrations Made Easy
Maitre'D POS Offers A True Opportunity For VARS To Add Value
UP Solution: UP TAB Tablet-Based POS Systems
Handling Cash In An E-Payments World
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All-In-One POS Terminal Product Reviews
Harbortouch POS Elite Harbortouch POS Elite
Some of the units shipped with good old-fashioned SATA drives, while the others, including Harbortouch, had SSD. The result? The SSD units booted very quickly, but beyond that, there were no performance improvements. Until ISVs code to take advantage of SSD memory, there’s not much value.
Nelson found the GenPOS and NEC (once he figured out its unique levers and latches) units the easiest to access for repairs. As far as fit and finish are concerned, Nelson had his favorites and some he was less than fond of. Nelson thought the NEC unit had the most impressive display when it comes to resolution and color presentation. However, he did question the necessity of having such a great display on a POS unit.
Touch Dynamic Breeze Touch Dynamic Breeze
Nelson found that the Touch Dynamic unit was built in a way to allow servicing in the field. Some of the units tested were not built in such a way. In addition, the Touch Dynamic Breeze was one of the best performers in our speed and performance tests and an all-around good unit.
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