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Based on the feedback of our loyal readers, we’re proud to bring you product reviews as a new editorial inclusion this year. Because of the growing interest in the managed services business model, we kicked off our testing with RMM software. Remote Technology Management (RTM), an MSP based in the Boston area and headed up by CEO Eric Brown, performed the testing over a four-week period. Brown, along with his team of technology consultants, tested seven RMM tools and shared feedback on the highlights and lowlights of each one. The seven RMM tools tested were from the following vendors: Continuum, GFI, Kaseya, LabTech, Level Platforms, N-able, and Dell packetTrap.

Below are RTM’s comments on one of the vendors tested. To view the entire product test, which compares all seven RMM products, click here.

Does the RMM vendor have a NOC?
Quest, which was acquired by Dell in September 2012, partners with Live Virtual Help Desk ( to offer NOC services, which are based in North America and India.

Agent vs. Agentless
Can monitor nodes 3 ways:

  1.  Dell packetTrap agent (most robust monitoring)
  2.  SNMP monitoring (network printers, switches, etc.) for devices that don't support software agents
  3.  Non-SNMP nodes (ping tests, remote control)

Also, you can deploy agents three different ways:

  1.  Agent discovery (if an Active Directory domain using Group Policy)
  2.  Install agent manually (e.g. through Web proxy address) or email link to user
  3.  Use Group Policy to deploy silent agent install

SaaS vs. On-Premise
Currently, an on-premise server is required for the VAR/MSP, but an on-premise server is optional at the client's site.

Quest has a SaaS version in development, which is expected to become available in Q2 of 2013.

MDM (mobile device management) Support
MDM support is currently in development. Also, they’re planning to offer an app for RMM from a mobile device.

Special features/functions

  • Can export customers from QuickBooks and import into Dell packetTrap.
  • "Expert Assist" feature is a hybrid of TeamViewer and VNC.
  • Patch management -- can configure different actions (e.g. auto-install some updates, manually install others) based on type of client (e.g., certain servers) and based on the category of update.
  • They have a partnership with Vipre, but can monitor other AV software as well.
  • Customizable dashboard; can monitor various types of servers (e.g. SQL, Exchange) for multiple customers on one screen.
  • Only RMM product with built-in VoIP monitoring for ShoreTel and Avaya.
  • Built-in ticketing system for MSPs not using a PSA (and doing billing manually); also works w/Autotask, ConnectWise, Tigerpaw PSA software.
  • Supports custom scripting.
  • Ability to create alerts based on syslog or SNMP (simple network management protocol) trap events; fine level of granularity in monitoring events and initiating corrective actions.
  • Remote control of nodes is not dependent on agents or SNMP.

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