Case Study | December 4, 2009

Case Study: PAETEC IP Simple Increases IT Company's Recurring Revenue

Source: PAETEC

CONNECT Computer

Established in 1985, CONNECT Computer is a leading full service provider of IT solutions. CONNECT specializes in enterprise network integration, hosting, and disaster recovery solutions. Despite the fact that CONNECT does not count telecommunications as one of their specialties, they are still a successful PAETEC Partner.

"We're not a traditional PAETEC Agent," said Alan Wittstein, president of CONNECT. "We're not a telecom agent where that's what we do. It certainly is an important piece of what we do overall, but we're an IT company first."

CONNECT's success as a PAETEC Partner can mostly be attributed to PAETEC IP Simple, a bundled product offering from PAETEC which enables IT consulting companies, such as CONNECT, to capitalize on the benefits of selling phone and data services without distracting them from their core business.

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