Download | September 19, 2013

Panasonic WV-SW458: 360-Degree IP Camera Product Review

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Panasonic WV-SW458

One of the cameras we wanted to test came from Panasonic. To test its WV-SW458, we used Wavestore VMS as our software platform due to the software’s ability to de-warp 360-degree camera video. Following are the results of our tests.

Bandwidth And Image Quality

There’s a science to bandwidth allocation and utilization when it comes to video over a network. The details go beyond the scope of this article (and my expertise if I’m being honest). However, a basic truth is that you’d like to provide the highest quality video your customers need at the lowest bandwidth cost.

When it came to image quality, we ran tests under a controlled “normal” lighting situation and a low light situation. Below are sample frames from the WV-SW458 in both normal lighting and low lighting.

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