Case Study | May 18, 2010

Case Study: Partnerships Lend Themselves To Business Success

Source: Zenith Infotech Ltd.

If it weren't for a few marketing materials that happened to land upon Michael Einbinder-Schatz's desk in 2005, Jobecca Technology Group would not be what it is today — a thriving managed services-based machine with ties to several different markets and industries.

Jobecca Technology Group started out in 1996 as MES Consulting Services — a classic break/fix company. "Jobecca Systems" was formed in 1997, and in 2004, Einbinder-Schatz changed his entity, and it became known as Jobecca Technology Group.

In 1999, the company began focusing on proactive services after Einbinder-Schatz realized that waiting for the phone to ring might not be the best way to build a sustainable business. The company began providing regularly scheduled, manual PMVs (preventative maintenance visits) and saw its first evolution.

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