Case Study | January 27, 2010

Case Study: PICS Finds Promise, Profit In Managed Services

Source: Zenith Infotech Ltd.

By Jabulani Leffall

The year is 1995, and the Internet as a business concept is still in its nascent stage, yet in full swing as an enterprise tool. It is the same year that Professional Implementation Consulting Services Inc., which uses the acronym PICS for shorthand, was founded. Even then, remembers Terry Rossi, the dynamics of local and remote servers were key—something the company hasn't forgotten.

"We historically specialized in enterprise software development, technical and application consulting and Internet hosting," says Rossi, co-founder and chief information officer of PICS, which has found its niche in the mid-Atlantic corridor.

Cut to 2008, when the company decided to start a third business division to perform local IT services in the Greater Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware Tri-State area and its founding principles still applied as the new initiative, PICS ITech, got off the ground.

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