Case Study | February 13, 2011

Pitney Bowes Quadruples Capacity With Eight ibml Scanners

Source: ibml

Pitney Bowes is a leading document process outsourcing company employing more than 800 staff in France. With an annual turnover of 6.3 billion dollars, the Pitney Bowes Group helps organizations of all types and sizes to manage and process critical mail items and documents effectively, whether they are paper or digital in origin.

Until 2006 Pitney Bowes Asterion used a variety of small to mid-size Kodak production scanners to capture the majority of incoming documents. As business grew and projects increased in size, the Pitney Bowes Asterion management team recognised the need to introduce high-volume intelligent scanning into the production process. In doing so they could scan much higher volumes of documents and process a variety of document types and sizes quickly and efficiently without increasing operator numbers and maintenance. As well as delivering operational benefits, this strategy would allow business development into new markets.

A project team, comprising representatives from IT, production, sales and marketing, began searching for a supplier whose offering would address new market challenges.

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